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Recent developments: The government of Belgium released a new version of its National Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) on April 2nd. Belgium is set to receive a total of €5.9 bn through the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

Our analysis shows that overall, the investments envisaged by the plan can make a positive contribution to the green transition. However, while the RRP includes measures that have the potential to scale-up decarbonization efforts, the lack of detail and missing green targets attached to the measures proposed make it impossible to say whether the plan will be able to fully realize that potential.

Green Spending Share

We find that all recovery measures across all federal entities reach a green spending share of 35%. In contrast, 1% (€0,04bn) of all measures have a negative impact. Furthermore, we find that 21% (€1,27bn) may have a positive or negative impact on the green transition depending on the implementation of the relevant measures, illustrating the importance of further scrutiny during the planning, review and implementation of the recovery measures.

Our calculation of the green spending share aims to mirror the approach used for the official assessment of national recovery plans (find more information here).

The analysis was written by Sandrine Meyer, Prof. Marek Hudon (both Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Helena Mölter (Wuppertal Institute). We are grateful to Domien Vangenechten (E3G) for providing valuable inputs and for supporting the review process.

Our Highlights

Good Practice

Offshore wind-energy interconnection hub

Belgium plans the development of offshore wind-energy by installing an interconnection hub between different European countries (the so called “Wind-energy Island in the North Sea”).

Bad Practice

Sustainability criteria

Rather than a real bad practice, it may be a missed opportunity. Many projects lack sustainability indicators in the evaluation metrics which could ensure that there is a real climate impact in the implementation.

To Our Surprise

Focus on Infrastructure

60% of the Belgian RRF budget is devoted to infrastructure (construction/renovation sector). Nevertheless, the sole Federal government project related to this issue concerns the renovation and transformation of one specific building: the former Brussels Stock Exchange building (Beurspaleis / Palais de la Bourse).

Sectoral Analysis

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Policy Measures

This list provides a full overview of all recovery measures. Our detailed report contains a deep dive on the most important recovery measures and how we assess them. The report can be downloaded below.

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